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Snow Removal

Snow Plow

Specializing in Commercial, Retail & Institutional Winter Maintenance, Ghent combines Mechanical Plowing with Strategic Ice Control

You can't escape the unforgiving Canadian winter, but you can know you're covered - with Ghent Landscape!

Our team of efficient landscaping professionals spare no attention to detail when it comes to helping you conquer the dangerous winter season.

When other maintenance companies offer excuses, Ghent Landscape offers results.

Advanced equipment, customized ice control, 24/7 monitoring and documenting of winter conditions.

Major snow accumulations can fall without notice but having staff working and patrolling around the clock allows us to mobilize the plowing fleet quickly, ensuring sites are cleared by scheduled times appointed by our clients. In addition, gps technology allows us to monitor our fleet and effectively get to your property fast. 

Different properties require different equipment, we have a diverse fleet tailored to the specific needs of our clients. For sensitive surfaces like interlocking stone, fresh or decorative concrete, parking garages we offer poly edged plows and power brooms which limit any potential damage typically associated with traditional metal cutting edges.

Our dedicated sidewalk crews use a combination of small plows, rotary brooms, snow blowers and of course shovels to keep sidewalks and entrances clear of snow.


Shovelling around and off curbs is standard and making sure snow is cleared right up to buildings separates us from our competitors.


With our sidewalk crews always on standby we can respond to snowy and icy conditions very quickly. Once the sidewalks are clear we use drop spreaders to evenly spread a variety of ice control products ensuring safe conditions and even spread of material.

Loss of parking is unacceptable! By using loaders, skid steers and tractors we are able to stack snow higher limiting the loss of parking at no additional cost to our clients. From 16’ hydraulic wing plows to 4’ sidewalk plows we are committed to investing in the best equipment available to meet the needs of our customers.

Winter Services

Live Edge Snow Plowing
Dedicated manual shovel crews to make sure all doors and walkways are clear
Snow pile loading and hauling
Smart about salt accredited ice control including organic ice melt for sensitive areas.
Additional equipment such as power brooms or snow blowers to meet your properties needs
24/7 weather and site monitoring,
GPS monitored equipment.


Smart About Salt Winter Salt Management Program

Ready for a Consultation?

Is it time to invest in professional snow removal services? 

Take the headache of out winter, give us a call today!

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