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Farmstead Retreat

The previous raised patio in the backyard of this country home felt awkwardly high and showed obvious signs of collapsing. The clients requested new usable space that would be easier to access without taking up too much space within the yard. A semi-circle of flat-top armour stone acts as the backdrop to the new patio and provides additional seating, whilst ‘amphitheater’ style steps from the back door allow the patio elevation to be brought closer to grade. A custom cedar pergola was accurately situated so as not to disrupt views from the home’s interior, and premier pavestone selected to compliment the building’s exterior colours. A curved walkway flows off of the circular patio linking the design to the existing hard surfaces. Some key detailing on the project included tying the natural stone with the block walls by splicing the two together with some careful stone cutting. Accent lighting was installed at grade by coring some of the pavestone units, to uplight the rough armour stone faces and extend the use of this space into the evening hours.

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